My Little House

So in order to expand on the spending recap yesterday and the exorbitant amount of money I spent on my house (okay I know it wasn’t a ton of it but it was to me) decorating it, I figured I’d write this post.

A little background—I moved out to the Midwest via a bus from the east coast.  I don’t regret a second of it even though traveling by bus is definitely not the greatest experience.  And as I moved out here on the bus, it meant I didn’t come here with a ton of house hold stuff.  So fast forward a little over a year and a half later, my guy and I are finding a place of our own.  Thankfully, for a few months we lived with his parents, paid rent and saved a ton (it was a win-win situation for all of us I think) and then we found our current little rental house.  It’s in a decent neighborhood and close to work for both of us.

Before we moved in, I spent 8 hours cleaning it from top to bottom.  Sadly, the people who lived here before us were complete slobs and did not take care of the house at all.  But after the cleaning, it’s pretty nice in here—we still have to take care of some cleaning but its ingrained dirt and grime that is taking awhile to get out.   The other problem is our walls—they are huge (think 10-12’) and white.  So the place looks barren.

So to fix it, we’ve been slowly acquiring things like clocks, wall decorations, and the like.  And we both like flowers and plants, and are going to be building a garden in the front area.  We want to put a little patio area in the backyard so that way we can sit outside in the summer.  Yes, we are doing a bunch of work for a rental—but it is also our home.  We’ve talked about eventually buying a house but that won’t be for a few years at the very least.  And as long as the summer goes fine (how hot does the house get, how much will the air conditioner have to run, etc) we will plan on living here for a while.  Especially after putting the work into it that we are planning on—if we can stay, we will.  It will also be more cost-effective if we can stay and build up our savings before trying to move on.

So even though we are going to be putting a lot of money into this house and it’s not even ours, I don’t mind the cost.  To me it’s worth it—we are building a home and memories.  And we aren’t digging ourselves into debt to build it—actually; we are getting out of debt while doing this!  (When my garden is planted, I’ll try to take pictures and post them!)


2 Comments on “My Little House”

  1. Kristin says:

    You should post some pictures! I think it’s totally worth it to put a little love into a rental, espeically if you’re going to stay for any length of time. Besides, it’s not like you can’t take your purchases with you when you move!

    • bogofdebt says:

      I plan on posting the pictures that I took! Honest! I just need to actually figure out how to get my photos off the phone minus emailing them to myself. And yeah–for the most part I can take my decorations. I just love the feeling of having a home right now.

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