Spending Recap 2/26-3/4

Monday $395 rent (b), $20 gym (b)

Tuesday no spend day

Wednesday $10 (p)

Thursday no spend day

Friday no spend day

Saturday $25 lunch (p)

Sunday $60 Wal-Mart/Dollar General (b), $110 Wal-Mart/Dollar General/Big Lots (p), $11 bookstore (would have been $35 but I had a $24 credit after selling a bunch of books (p)), $16 Wendy’s

(P-personal money, b-budgeted for)

Well, the good thing about the above is that the majority of it was either planned for or out of my personal money.   And I’m holding steady at 3 no spend days. So I’m pretty proud of that.  Most of what I spent on Sunday was my personal money and it was spent on house things.  I was sick of not having a strainer, a griddle, a cheese grater, a butter dish, a good spatula…all the little things in a house that we hadn’t had and were trying to make do without.  (For instance, in order to grate carrots I was using a peeler) Then I went and bought some flowers and potting soil.  When I went home, I ended up going with my guy right back out and buying more gardening items and gifts for his sister’s baby shower.  We also hit up Big Lot’s in order to buy a few things at 20% off—and they were all things I’ve been wanting for a while but was just waiting for the right time to buy them.  Our house now has a few decorations–a clock, and some items that help distract from our huge white walls.

So all in all, I’m pretty happy.  We also decided that we really want a kitchen table, a island for the kitchen, a toaster and a microwave in that order. So we priced some things out and will be saving up.  We do plan on buying a used kitchen table/chair set though.

That was how my week went—not to bad only a little spending where I didn’t budget for it.  All of my personal money is gone but I’m happy where it went.


One Comment on “Spending Recap 2/26-3/4”

  1. Michelle says:

    Good job on the no spend days!

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