4 Things Horror Movies Taught Me About My Finances

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m a huge fan of horror movies—not really just plain gory movies though.  They need to scare me not just gross me out.  And I will watch them even though I have an over active imagination and lose sleep.  (Is it sad that I’m 27 and still will watch scary movies even though I know I will get scared? I’m going to pretend that you all just said ‘Of course not, I do it too’ even if you didn’t) Well as I watch them so often, I was thinking how they have helped me in my finances.  Yup, I said it.  Horror movies have helped me in my finances.  How? I thought you would never ask!

You need a plan.  Seriously, how many times does the girl have to run around the woods or a house just screaming her head off before she dies?  You need to plan your escape!  Don’t run around in circles because that’s just giving you exercise that you will never need again.  If you think the evil dude is coming at you from the cellar—get out of the exit nearest to you and get your butt in the car or run really fast without those high heels (unless you are one of those amazing women who can run a marathon in heels).  And guess what?  When you are trying to get out of debt, you need a plan!  You need to figure out what debts you are paying off first, how you will cut costs and of course, a budget.  It helps keep you focused and you never have to guess what your next step is.

Keep track of those around you. (Or keep track of your money) How many times have you watched a movie where there is a party going on and about 5 minutes into it someone gets murdered?  Of course no one notices that the person is gone until they find them after all the scary stuff has started.  And then of course, it’s too late.  When you are buying things left and right or not keeping track of your money, you can get in over your head with credit card bills or even overdraft fees.  But by tracking your money and knowing exactly how much you have and are able to spend comfortably, you can make the scary stuff stay away.  Of course, by scary stuff I really mean huge bills, no savings and a lot of overdraft fees, not the evil dude from the movies.

Don’t ignore the signs all around you. You know the creepy townspeople who tell the young victims that they need to leave because of evilness? Or the funny signs that the people keep convincing themselves that they are imagining them? Or the fact that every year, on this weekend, at this lake everyone goes missing—but the people think that this is just superstition and go anyways?  They are just asking for trouble and everyone knows it.   Don’t ignore your financial signs.  Do you have to call three (or more) cards every time you want to purchase something to see how much you have on them? (I remember sitting in my car to call each card as I was at the mall)  Are you picking between whether you have groceries or paying your electricity bill? These are all signs saying that you should probably cut back your spending and start a budget.

Don’t go into that creepy cellar that you’re hearing noises from at night when you are all alone—and hey, did you hear that there is a psycho on the loose?  I always cringe a little inside when the blonde (and it’s usually a blonde) female goes down into the cellar in her nightie after hearing some creepy sounds and oops, the light went out.  But she goes downstairs anyways even though she knows that she’s not alone.    For me, my cellar was book stores.  I couldn’t go into one without buying one, two, three or even four books at a time—if not more.  So I learned to avoid it so that the crazy man with an axe (or you know, my book habit) wouldn’t get me (or you know, kill my budget).

There you have it—four things that I picked up from horror movies to help me with my finances.


3 Comments on “4 Things Horror Movies Taught Me About My Finances”

  1. Hahahha so true, and I’m always screaming and hiding too. No biggie 😛 I love it when the girl goes somewhere dark and scary in her bra and underwear…it’s like helllllooooo haven’t you seen all the scary movies before, DONT DO IT YOU IDIOT.

    Ok sorry..a little overboard there. I agree with this list totally.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh I have sat on my couch with a pillow “blocking me” and screamed at the girl to “hit him again! he’s faking his death!” among other things. It’s why I’m not allowed to see scary movies in theaters.

  2. Janine says:

    Interest on overdraft and credit cards can be frightening in their own way. Seriously scary stuff- just like some movies!

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