Spending Recap 2/20 to 2/26

Monday $2 Wal-Mart

Tuesday $12 yummy Chinese

Wednesday no spend day

Thursday $6 gas station

Friday $2 Wal-Mart, $26 Italian food (date)

Saturday  $231 Wal-Mart (semi  budgeted for), $5 for 10 books (personal money), $40 for haircut (personal), $38 gas (b), $11 fast food , $17 Amazon (gift)

Sunday no spend day!

So I went backwards this week.  I was so hopeful for Monday but then my freezer pack exploded all over my lunch box.  It was really gross—I of course had to have an apple in there that the gel was all over.  So this time when we bought the freezer pack I put it into a freezer bag.  This way if it ever happens again I won’t have blue slime all over my lunch bag.  And I really like bringing my lunch to work.  Mostly because I would have to survive on vending machine food if I didn’t bring it as I do tend to go to the gym on my lunch breaks.

Sunday we didn’t go to the wilderness park but we did go for a walk on the bike path which was just as nice.  I also took my cat for a walk around the yard.  Yup I have a harness and leash for my little kitty and he hates it.  But he’s not allowed outside without them so he suffered them in silence.

I will make a confession though.  I had to have my guy order the book off of Amazon for the gift–I didn’t trust myself.  We paid the $3 in shipping but I almost told him to order me a book so “we could get free shipping”.  Thankfully I remained strong and did not.

And hey—I finally spend some of my personal money!  I really liked the girl who cut my hair and probably over tipped but it was worth it for this time.  She gave me her card so I will probably go back to her—I just hope she doesn’t expect me to over tip all the time.  I also don’t bother getting my hair cut every 6 weeks so I hope she’s still at the place when I go back.  I thought about buying some clothes but since I’m still trying to lose some weight I figured it would be best to wait until I’m at the weight I want to be at.

That’s how my week was—how was yours? And I should be updating my sidebar on Tuesday—that’s when we should be able to pay off that first medical debt and pick out a new one.


PS.  Remember to come to my facebook page and say hi! And now you can follow me on Twitter!



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