Link Love and a Case of Murphy’s Law

Sadly Thursday night was a horrid night for me.  I seemed to be living Murphy’s Law—I burnt the chicken, my face, splattered my work pants with grease, shut my hand in the drawer and kicked my cat in the head by accident.  (He was yowling and I was getting off the bed to see what the problem was at the same time he jumped on the bed but he’s okay.   I wasn’t wearing shoes and he was just yowling at his toy) And it just got worse…..

So to cheer myself up I spent the night looking at past posts that were amazingly written.

Andrea@SoOverDebt shows us her Amazon shopping history (I still don’t want to look at mine)

J$ tells us what he’s spent on his baby already—and it’s not even born yet J

Always the Planner went on a shopping spree to get ready for her new job! (I still say good for her!)

Michelle asks what the biggest financial mistake you’ve ever made was—I told her mine now you go tell her yours

Frugal Dad blogs about the new show about extreme cheapskates

And sadly these were just some of them–for some reason (*ahem Murphy’s Law*) I was having trouble loading several other posts I really liked…so I decided to just end this post there….




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