My Cruel Chinese Food

Talk about freaky: the Chinese fortune cookie I had on Tuesday stated: “You shouldn’t overspend at the moment. Frugality is important.”  At the time, I was grumbling about the fact that we “had” to eat Chinese take-out because we forgot to take out something for dinner.  I was also doing my grocery list for Friday and looking at the AT&T bill that was due a day before we got paid on the utilities period.

Did we really have to eat Chinese? No—it was yummy and it beat trying to come up with something when we didn’t have anything defrosted.  Oh and why didn’t we just defrost via the microwave (a last resort in any case)?  Because our microwave doesn’t really work on any setting right now.  Apparently, it will sort of work once in a while.  Just another thing we need to buy on our house list.  I digress though.  So no, we didn’t need to eat the take-out but we didn’t really have a complete meal that we could make out of our pantry and fridge supplies.

I came up with a meal plan for the next two weeks—trying to use what we have and see if we could buy very little.  Instead, we have to buy more than normal.  Remember when I said we were buying family packs?  Well I didn’t look in the freezer last time and we should have bought some last time as we were running low.    I’m also trying to cook bigger meals on Sundays so that we can have leftovers for lunch or dinner—but lately I haven’t been judging portion sizes correctly.  This means that I’ve been eating the packaged lunches instead of leftovers—which means I need to buy those as well.

The bad news after I got done putting the grocery list together?  If I don’t find any coupons it will run about $260.  That’s $60 over my normal budget.  Granted, we ran out of butter, bread, hot dog rolls (I separate and freeze what we don’t use), oil, oatmeal….It seems like you name it, we need it.

So thank you Chinese fortune cookie for rubbing it in my face to not spend money on you!  Too bad I had to spend it in order to read it—but I saved it and it’s on my fridge.  (Oh and we took out stuff from our freezer in order to have dinner for Wednesday and Thursday!)


7 Comments on “My Cruel Chinese Food”

  1. Food is the enemy of my budget too. It, like cleaning, is never-ending. 😦

  2. Michelle says:

    Food kills my budget, if only we didn’t need to eat.

  3. AmazonV says:

    I am going grocery shopping today
    i use a lot of rice and pasta as filler
    then add a bit of veggies (canned or frozen, fresh goes bad) and meat (canned or family pack separated out) and voila, food. i have canned fruit for snacks and buy a few fresh fruits but they always go bad

    • bogofdebt says:

      See I eat fruit more often as snacks so they don’t go bad on me but last week I only bought 2 things of hamburger and some hot dogs as my meat because “we didn’t need any”–turns out I should have bought one thing of chicken or pork (and yup love those family packs)…

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