My Organizational Soul

Wow, this week has flown.  I’m going to go after work and pay off that bank—hopefully anyways.  Either that or they will be telling me where to go to pay it off.  And time passing by fast is a good and a bad thing.  I’m doing all the wedding stuff on a budget so I do need time to get funds together so that I can pay for things but it’s also good because that means August 4th is coming sooner!

Okay, I promised myself I wouldn’t go on and on about wedding stuff unless it was pertinent so that’s it…for now anyways.

Something that has helped me start getting debt paid down is organization.  Seriously—remember my love of lists and budgets? I’m crazy about them and organization just pays off in the end. Remember how yesterday I said that I used to lose bills?  It was horrible—when I would move I could find bills from months previous (and on one memorable occasion a year and half previously) that hadn’t gotten paid on time.  I always thought that I had paid them if I couldn’t find them and couldn’t bother to go check on-line (mostly because I knew I hadn’t paid them but if I didn’t check, well then, the lie could continue) so therefore the next bill would come and I’d be “shocked”.

Now I operate on the principle that bills go in one place (coffee table remember?) and envelopes containing my money go into a different place.  (Soon that will be check book!)  My budget gets written down on a sticky note that goes into my purse so that I will always have it.  I have an excel file with both of our debts and they are pseudo arranged in a list of importance.   This system works for me.  I’m not saying it could work for everyone but I like it and my guy has found that he really likes it to.  (I’ve even seen him start a list for various things before!)

How does this help me pay down my debts? I’m so glad I asked! (Okay, I’m really pretending you asked me) I never have to guess—I know exactly how much money I have, where it is going, and when everything is due.  When I’m at the store, I can never have the excuse of not knowing if I can afford whatever item I’m looking for–I have my budget on that trusty sticky note.  I don’t get to pretend that I no longer know who I owe or how much I owe—it’s on an excel file, in my email and on a secondary computer.

So that’s how organization helps me—does it help you?


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