I used to be a horrible procrastinator.  Okay, I still mostly am.  Now for some areas of my life, it was okay.  I’ve found out when I was in college that the papers I whipped up at the spur of the moment would get me better grades then if I worked for the month that they were assigned.  I can work well under pressure and figured that if it worked in one area, it would work in the rest.  Sadly, it didn’t turn out to be this way.   I’d figure out that my electric bill wasn’t due for another three weeks—well, I’d get paid the day before it was due so I could wait.

A few things would happen.  One would be that I would forget about the bill that was due until a day or two after it was due.  Or, I would forget that I had this expense or that expense coming up.  Leaving me with no money to pay that bill, and I’d have to wait.  This would mean that my next bill was even higher.  It was an endless cycle of catch up—and of course, I didn’t stop my spending while I was doing this (honestly, that made me shudder just to think of what I used to do).

Now I pay my bills with the paycheck as I get them.  That could mean my rent is held in an account (or envelope) for 5 days.  I’m okay with that.  I’d rather have the money in order to pay them then to do what I used to do.  My new system is simple—when the bills come in they go on my coffee table and when we get paid, they get paid.  I work on a bi monthly budget—which means that the bills come in on one paycheck and my rent is due on the other paycheck.  I do want to get a better place than my coffee table but the coffee table was free and I don’t need to change the location yet.

The other day we paid our trash bill 2 weeks early.  I was pretty happy about it.  Instead of waiting for my next paycheck (which I could have) I paid it early.  That’s  a step in the right direction for someone who used to pay her bills the day they were do or a day or two late.    My stress levels are down as well.  I never realized this until my guy came to me and said how he was less stressed ever since we started this new system.    This might not work for everyone but it sure works for me.  I’m actually really glad that we get paid on that bi weekly system.

 Are you a procrastinator?  Do you pay your bills as they come in or wait until they are due?


4 Comments on “Procrastinator”

  1. I use to have to pay my bills when I got paid or else there was a huge chance that when it was due the money would not be there. Over the years I have gotten a lot better. But my system now is still to pay most of my bills when I get paid.

  2. OneFamily says:

    I used to pay when due, but like you I have always been a procrastinator and would miss due dates. I just hated the thought that they would get my money early, when it could have been sitting in my account. I had to get over that and for the past several years I now pay my bills each time I get paid. It has made life a lot easier…but I still procrastinate on a lot of other things in my life 🙂

    • bogofdebt says:

      Oh I’m still a procrastinator at a lot of things–but I’ve had to get better about paying my bills when I got paid. However–book due at the library? I’ll wait until an hour before they close to call to renew it. Things like that!

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