Instant Gratification

  As can be seen from my previous post, I’m pretty big into instant gratification.  “You mean to tell me that I can have this awesome stuff now and I don’t have to pay until later? Sure, here’s the card to use today!” And I’d just wrack up more debt because I couldn’t wait a week or month or however long to have my purchase.  I’m sad to say that was my way of life.  I don’t know if it is because I’m older (and hopefully wiser) but I’m much more inclined to wait to get what I want. 

For instance, as of right now I have $150 that is my personal money.  I’ve been kicking around buying a camera for some upcoming events but I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy one.  And my guy’s mom has offered the use of hers when my guy and I go on our honeymoon.  Now in my old life, I’d have bought the camera and been done with it.  This time I’m waiting.  I might buy a camera or I might just accept the use of hers while I’m gone.  And I’m good with waiting—it helps me save more money in case I need it and also really makes me think on whether or not I want (need) that camera. 

And then I was really proud of myself tonight.  I really wanted some delicious chocolate and I went to Wal-Mart to scope out prices—even after I told myself I would wait until it went on sale.  I walked all the way to the aisle and looked at all the yummy boxes.  And I walked out empty handed.  I’ll take a look at it tomorrow and see if I want any.  But I wouldn’t have walked out of the store empty handed a year ago.  So that is a step in the right direction.

Part of the reason I like waiting to get what I want is it makes me a) think about the purchase and b) appreciate it a lot more.  After all if I had to scrimp and save to get the camera or new book or new movie or whatever, then I know all the effort it took for me to get that purchase.  I enjoy it even more and value it because m y hard work went into it.  So no more instant gratification (in most aspects of my life anyways) anymore! 


4 Comments on “Instant Gratification”

  1. That is a great way of thinking. The waiting part is painful but it’s good for the wallet.

  2. SPF says:

    Good for you! Instant gratification is what got me in all of this mess! I walked into the beauty section of a store today at lunch, and saw some new Spring collection items. I was sooo tempted but, like you, walked out empty handed. I may not have “this year’s” collection but, I’m sure I have something similar already at home! Reading about others practicing delayed gratification is great motivation to keep on holding out!

    • bogofdebt says:

      It was pretty tough though. I love chocolate (even as I’m trying to lose weight I still would gladly eat it) and seeing it sitting there on the shelf, just calling my name….but I stayed strong lol. In the begining I had to leave my money at home but I have gotten (sort of) to the point where I can carry it with me and not give in to the urges. But yes–it really helped when I read other blogs about delaying and waiting.

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