Spending Recap 2/6 to 2/12

Monday no spend day

Tuesday $6 at grocery store

Wednesday no spend day

Thursday no spend day

Friday $20 for beer (b)

Saturday $50 on our cake deposit (b), $215 on groceries (over by 15), $25 on oil for our oil change (b), $12 for Chinese food (not budgeted but mmmh, yummy!), $375 for utilities (b), $38 gas (b), $10 Walgreen’s for random cards (b), $9 post office

Sunday $50 on our church deposit (b), $25 for a chicken dinner (b)

Okay, so it wasn’t the four no spend days that I wanted and I kind of spent a lot on Saturday but—most of it was budgeted for, so it had to be done.  Saturday was just the lucky day.  I went over budget on our groceries but went under on our utilities.  So it *kind of* evened out.  I need another month to get our utilities a bit more under control—right now we are still paying deposits on some of them  so it’s hard to judge what they will be.  And then the spring and summer will come and mess it all up again.   But not too much—mostly our electric and gas bill should swap.

Notice you don’t see me paying my bank debt? That’s because this local branch wasn’t open.  And I could go on lunch but they are always so busy that I don’t even want to try.  Instead, I’m going on Friday which is the one day they are open past 5.  I’m pretty bummed though.  I was looking forward to paying them off and then going to get a new account somewhere else.  But that will have to wait.  And I will probably just wait until I get paid again to get a new bank account.  That way I will be depositing a nice amount of money not just partial bits.  I am still not happy about it though.

So I’m happy with what was spent for the most part.  How’d your week go?


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