My Big News

Okay guys, I know I normally post a spending recap for the previous week and well, I normally have a weekend update.  But I didn’t because I had some news and everything that I went and did this weekend (minus one thing really) was to go and get ready for my exciting news.  And I hope that when I share my news with you that you will be as excited as I am.  Wait for it…………. My guy and I are going to be getting married!!!    It will be this August 4th and I’m extremely happy.  Now according to him it’s not official yet as we don’t have the engagement ring—but he already spoke to my dad for his blessing and we’re officially planning it.  I’m not sure how much more official it can get but I don’t care too much—I’m just happy.  And one of the best parts (okay besides the marrying the man I love and him marrying me) is that we are planning this out and going to be paying for it in cash.  We are deciding about an official reception but I think we are more planning on doing a backyard bbq/get-together that’s small and intimate.  That way we can afford a honey moon, which will also be paid for in cash.

I know that some of you will ask me about the fact that I’m trying to get out of debt but planning on having a wedding.  I’m trying to do it smartly but something that is extremely important to my guy is family (my family is scattered around) and his family will be in the area around that date.  So while most of our money is going to the wedding, we do want to try and do an emergency fund still.  And our debt paying is still important to us as we want to have a good life and be responsible.  We have mostly come up with a budget and are proud of ourselves for it.  We are going to be looking at costs and wondering if we really need to do this or can we do something similar for less or can we do it ourselves?   (I.e. a “reception” that has most likely turned into a back yard get-together so that we can go on a honeymoon)  We don’t want to get further into debt but we do want to have a wedding and a nice little honeymoon before we start our married life together. (I guess it wouldn’t be any different then our normal life but still)

I will do the spending recap tomorrow along with the bank story that I have.  But I just wanted to share my news with everyone!


4 Comments on “My Big News”

  1. Kristin says:

    Congratulations! How exciting!

  2. bogofdebt says:

    Thank you! It is pretty exciting!

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