I’m pretty excited for today.  I will most likely be paying off my bank in order to get a new one!!!  This will be our second debt paid! Sadly it doesn’t diminish a whole lot as it wasn’t on my credit report.  But I get to go get a bank account after and open a savings account! And it is a debt in my eyes so it needs to be paid down.  I’m extremely excited.   (Wow that seems to be my word of the day…)

I actually haven’t been able to look at any of the banks around town (for some reason I’ve been very busy) but I have a good idea of which one I’m going to go with.  Well, at least check into first.  It’s the same bank as my guy’s and it seems to be pretty decent.  The only problem will be if they charge me for a checking account or a savings account.

My plans for my bank this time is to treat it with respect.  Okay, that sounded a bit weird but it’s still true.  I plan on not over drafting and I am going to be working up to keeping a minimum balance in my checking account as a buffer.  I’m not exactly sure what this amount will be.  And I know I want a savings account—one to start off with.  I really wouldn’t mind a few so that I can divide the money into the proper saving piles.  Okay, not really piles but I know what I mean.  And I hope you do too!

I still think that I want to do an envelope system as that has really worked for me since I started this PLAN.  I can handle a debit card but for me, it is so much harder to spend money when I see it in its paper glory.   I just don’t want to get rid of it.

Is it sad that I want to buy a cake and celebrate paying off this second debt? I most likely won’t but still….I might.  YAY!!! Okay before I say excited one more time or anything else as silly, I’m going to go for the day!


5 Comments on “WOO HOO!”

  1. Celebrate with a cupcake. Paying off debt should be celebrated on a small scale!! Congrats!

  2. Kristin says:

    Congrats! This will make your life so much easier!

  3. AmazonV says:

    Cake mix at the store is 1$ icing is 1$ (get of brand) eggs are 2$-4$ bake a cake! it’s cheaper and still delciious

    Also, savings accounts usually have a minimum, and only allow so many deposits or withdrawals per month so read the paperwork carefully

    I recommend seeing if you have a credit union instead of a bank as well, they tend to be less fee crazy..

    Since bank accounts have minimums having multiple would not help, do what i do, have a google document (speadsheet) with the idea being

    date – type (atm, debit card, teller, etc) – Name (store) – amount (+/-) – Total
    1/1/12 – eCheck – Paycheck – +1000 – 1100.11
    then columns (grocery, fuel, car, vacation, credit card, rent, available)
    50 – 50 – 0 -0-0-900=100.11

    did that make sense?

    If you can have a savings account and a checking account, use a debit card for known expenses and paycheck deposits, and KEEP TRACK OF EVERYTHING – carry a checkbook around with you and put debit card stuff in it, then put things that are longer term savings (not weekly events) into savings and plan not to touch them for a month so they can get their interest

    i keep 100$ in savings and 100$ in checking

  4. bogofdebt says:

    @ Amazaon V: yes that did make sense and yup, I will definitely be keeping better track of my bank account.

    To all: I get free brownies/cheesecake tonight so that is far better than buying a cake/cupcake! Thank you all 🙂

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