5 Excuses I Used to Get Further in Debt

As most of you already know I had some horrible decisions that made me get deep in debt.  Remember that couch—the one that cost me $1100? Why didn’t I take that money and use it to pay down a student loan?  Makes me shake my head just to think about it.

I worked hard, I need to play hard.  I loved to go to the movies and get my ticket and my snack food and just have fun.  Hey I would even pay for other people.  I wanted a treat and I could afford it.  Trouble was that I wasn’t affording it—I was paying for it on my credit card.  And then my credit card bills would come in and I would pay the minimum (or hey, a little over it just to show myself that I could and that I was being responsible) and do it all over again.

I deserve a treat.  I was extremely guilty of this.  I worked hard and had nothing to show for it so I really deserved a tangible reward for my work, right?  Um no.  Why did I need 10 books (…but I have a coupon/discount I’m using *rolls eyes*) when I couldn’t really afford them?  Or 3 movies?  And in all honesty, this was on top of the movies I went too.  And I didn’t have anything to show for my hard work because I spent it on all of my treats and movies and whatever else I wanted.

But they can do it….why can’t I?  Ahh. The elusive “they”—they (ha, ha) are everywhere and strike at you anytime.  And by strike I’m saying make you jealous.   “They” had all the coolest stuff and neatest gadgets and I wanted them too.  Trouble was…I didn’t know anyone who was a part of the elusive “they”.  But I still wanted to be a part of their group.  The only problem is that most of the “them” group get to pay for that with their money as they are smarter with it then I am.

I don’t even try to save. This one hurts me the most.  Right now I’m operating on the whole “$5 saved is $5 more then I had” and it works.  It really does.   I try to spend as little as I can and save as much as I can.    Before, well, let’s say I’d put it into savings and then a day later, I’d withdraw as much of it as I could.  Not the wisest course of action that I could have taken.

But I wanted to buy them a gift.  I was horrendous about this.  Someone’s birthday? Well, let’s do dinner, a movie, and a few gifts!  Oh and it’s all on me!  I have learned to scale back.   I try to do potluck dinners, movie nights at home and board games or something else that’s free.  I won’t lie—I still occasionally go overboard.  But not as bad as I used to.

There you have 5 of the thought processes that I used to have.  And I use process loosely—it was mainly excuses that I used to have an awful lot.  But I have to be honest and admit what I was using as my excuses.  (And I had a ton more but those were the most prevalent)

How about you? Any excuses that you used readily?


5 Comments on “5 Excuses I Used to Get Further in Debt”

  1. I only have … I mean HAD one excuse …
    I WANT IT!! 😦

  2. Ella says:

    Mine was I NEED this 🙂
    I need thos wolford tights that cost 6 times more than regular H&M tights! I hate myself for being so stupid 😦

    New to your blog by the way 🙂

  3. […] As can be seen from my previous post, I’m pretty big into instant gratification.  “You mean to tell me that I can have this awesome […]

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