Superbowl Sunday (woo?)

This Sunday doesn’t mean much to me other than that my guy will be watching a late football game.  Granted we are going to go to the next town over to look for baby items and I’m excited about that.   So I thought I would post some awesome reading that I enjoyed this week.

Andrea @ So Over Debt reminds us that as much as we hate our banks that it might just be our fault.

Little by Little shares her news that she paid off her credit card and will now be snow balling her debt!

Len Penzo tells how much he had to pay to get a little quiet back into his life.

J $ @ Budgets Are Sexy asks if you’ve ever  lied about money to a loved one (thankfully I haven’t)

Always the Planner tells us a horrific story about the ATM eating her check .

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff lets us know how she went about getting her health insurance

Frugal Dad asks the questions of whether or not warehouse shopping is actually frugal.

So those are some of the interesting reads I enjoyed this week.


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