4 Habits that I’m trying to quit

The other day I was thinking about some horrid habits that have carried with me over from when I was poor.  Granted, we normally had *something* to eat (especially during the school year as we would get free lunches and breakfasts), it was normally just a question of whether as kids we wanted to eat it or how much of it we would get.   But we were still pretty poor—and thankfully always had a place to live in.  As such, I developed some poor habits and am slowly trying to break them so that I can feel as if I broke a cycle. 

Habit Number 1 I stock up ridiculously on canned goods—whether or not I think I will need them or not.  And actually, it’s not just canned goods.  It’s anything that goes in a pantry.  I see tomato sauce for $0.48 and I will buy 5 at a time every time I go shopping.  That’s right I’ve had 10 cans of tomato sauce in one month and I know I never used one can—but I sure bought more the next time I went.  My reasoning was what if I needed one and didn’t have one (or you know, 10)?  I’ve gotten better about this—I only have 2 cans of tomato sauce in my pantry at the moment.  I do like to keep at least that much as I can’t kick the habit entirely right now but I’m still trying. 

Habit Number 2 Clothes.  I am horrible at not giving away or throwing out things that I either do not like, do not fit me or are falling apart.  I keep them and hold on to them “in case”.  Not sure really what that “in case” will be but I keep them just the same.   I’m trying to get better at this and also am trying to buy clothes to replace things that I’ve kept that I shouldn’t have.  Currently I have a big box and bag of clothes that I do not need—either they do not fit or I don’t like them but I kept them for some reason.  Thankfully I do not have space for them so it is kind of forcing me to get rid of them but they are still going bye-bye. 

Habit 3 Not going to the doctor or dentist.  I’m absolutely horrible at this.  If it wasn’t for my work offering a discount on health insurance if you go to a doctor at least once a year for a wellness exam, I doubt I would go unless absolutely needed.  But I know it is in my better interest to be healthy and so I try.  I at least have health insurance now—I hadn’t had it in over 5 years previous.  Mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t afford to pay for it.

Habit 4 Left over money? Not any more, I just bought my need/want of the week.  I never had savings to speak of.  Well, maybe $2 in my checking account but I don’t know if I really count that.  But for awhile I did—that was a loaf of bread.  And that bread could feed me for a week or two.  But any left over money was spent as soon as I had it.  I knew it wouldn’t be around for too much longer and if I wanted a treat I needed to spend it as soon as I could.  Thankfully, this was one habit that I’ve (mostly) kicked.  I like having a savings and I like not having to scramble for milk money when it’s a few days before pay day.

These are just 4 of the habits I’ve noticed.  I’m sure that I have more but these are the biggest that I’ve noticed.  Well, there is one more—being in debt.  But I’m working on that.


2 Comments on “4 Habits that I’m trying to quit”

  1. I am so opposite of this, LOL. I only buy what we need because our pantry is so small that stocking up is not an option. Plus, DH & I both hate cutter so it bothers me when things aren’t orderly. I gave away so much clothing this past year it was ridiculous. I am now in the process of rebuilding a class wardrobe so I can just mix and match everything – black, white, navy, beige, greys, reds and cream. Also, buying quality pieces as they go on sale. A long time ago I made my husband a deal and it’s stuck. If I buy anything, I need to give at least 2 things away in my closet. Plus, did I mention I hate clutter???

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