Thoughts on In Time

I semi watched In Time the other night—the movie with Justin Timberlake. And yes, I semi watched it because I mostly was asleep after about halfway.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad movie; jus t didn’t keep me awake. But the whole point of this post isn’t to tell you that I fell asleep to a movie, because boy, would that be a short post.  Instead, I actually did think about how my life would be different if money was minutes of your life.

I definitely would not be in as much debt as I am now.  For one, if I had racked up this much debt, my minutes would be gone.  And secondly, I’m thinking I wouldn’t have gotten into as much debt as I am now.   I highly doubt I would be so blasé about spending $5 for a coffee if it actually meant that was 5 minutes.  Granted, I don’t buy that much coffee anyways but you get my point.

Cars.   I don’t know if I would own one or if I would walk a lot more.  I wouldn’t want to take a lot of public transportation if they would jack up the prices every day like I saw in the movie.  I mean, 2 hours to take a bus or taxi?  Now let’s say I had my own car—2 hours to fill it with gas wouldn’t be so bad if it would last me for the week or two that it does now.  But it would probably be more like a day or something like that—still not too bad if I am getting my use out of it.  As for walking…well, I’m sure that it would be free but if I needed to get somewhere to have more life put on or I’d die—needless to say, that didn’t turn out so great in the movie.  But in a non life or death situation, I’d be conserving that gas as much as possible.

Gym.  $20 for a family gym membership right now is excellent and worth it to me now.  If it was 20 days…probably not as worth it as I’d only be getting 10 free days of use.  I’m sure I’d be healthy walking as much places as I could anyways so it would probably not be an expense I would incur.

Netflix/cable/internet/phone.  Hmm…this is trickier.  I love my Netflix subscription and I love having internet.  Right now we don’t have cable but it’s being asked about by my guy and we share one phone.  I think though if I was paying with my life the Netflix would be gone as would the cable.  We’d probably still have one phone and the internet though.  Again, it all depends on how much life they were asking for it.

These were just some of the categories of my budget that I thought about.  And it was amazing to me how some people spent 5 minutes on a coffee (or whatever) without really thinking about it.  At least it did until I realized that so many people today will spend $5 on a coffee without blinking. What about you guys?  What would you give up if you had to spend life instead of money?


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