January’s Goals and How I Did

Looking at my January goals, I want to scream. I guess they aren’t all horrible…but look for yourself.

Efund—goal: $100 actual: $60

House fund—goal: spend $50 on house purchases or save $50 actual: bought a vacuum and a mop which equaled $51 total

Car Fund—goal: $50 actual: $90 (woo!!)

Medical Fund—goal: $30 actual: $25 (so close)

Bank Fund-goal: $200 actual: $340 (happy booty dance!)

Medical Debt fund–goal: $50 actual: zip

Vacation Fund—goal: $50 actual $11 (woops)

Valentine Day Fund—goal: $50 actual: $50

So there you have it.  I really did well on 2 of them.  I wish I would have done better on my efund but we had to pay back my guy’s dad for the car battery.  Otherwise my efund would have been at $140.  I’m extremely excited about the bank fund—it took precedent over a lot of the minor things.  Things that didn’t matter as much.

How’d your goals go for January?


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