February Goals

This will be the first month where my guy is getting a really great pay check at the same time that I am.  I kept this in mind when I was thinking about the goals I want to accomplish.

Efund: $300—this has barely moved up yet but this is a huge priority for us.  Too many things have happened to where I’m comfortable about not having one.

Vacation Fund-$40—not a huge priority but something that would be nice to have.

New Car Fund $250—this is huge.  As in right under our emergency fund.  We’ve had a few…escapes in the past and it’s something we’ve talked about.  We want to buy a car outright or with as little of a payment as possible.

Bank Fund $110—this will finish off this debt and then I can go get a new bank account.  I will not be over drafting on this one.

House Fund $50—again, I want to make a household purchase of $50 or have this much saved up.

Medical Fund $100—I still have some items I need to take care of and will put aside the money as I can.

Those are my goals.  I want to concentrate on a few rather than try to do too much all at once.  (Granted I’m still trying to lose weight but that is an ongoing battle.  Which by the way, I always get the picture of me in a gladiator arena against my weight for some odd reason?)

                What are your goals? 


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