Spending Recap for last week

Monday: nothing!!

Tuesday: $15 for medicine and $15 for Wendy’s (b).  We also need to pay back $85 for a battery

Wednesday: nothing!

Thursday: $15 for Hardee’s and $10 at gas station.

Friday: $45 for our date.  (b) $20 beer (b)

Saturday: $180 groceries.  (b)  $15 for cat food and supplies (b)

Sunday:  $44 (b) for vacuum and $6 (b) for mop and floor solution  (house purchase!)

$85 (b) to pay back for battery and $18 for Wal-Mart

All in all, this wasn’t a bad week.  A lot of what we spent on was budgeted for.  That being said Thursday was a bad day with $25 just being spent because no one felt like cooking.  Tuesday’s medicine was also not budgeted for but it beat me being sick for another 2 weeks.  Sunday’s money at Wal-Mart was mostly due to me buying the guy a shirt for work.  He did donate 2 old shirts in good condition that I haven’t really seen him wear in a year.

I’m trying to get better about not buying random junk when we don’t need it. I’m also trying to not kick myself in the pants for that vacuum.  Turns out if we had bought it on Saturday we would have had 20% off of it.  The sad part was we were at the store on Saturday—it was just too busy and we didn’t know about the 20% off.

How’d your week go?


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