Weekend News

On Saturday, we decided to go to the humane society and look at puppies.  I fell in love with all of them.  I really, really want at least 6 of them.  I know I can only get one and that I shouldn’t be looking but…I really want one.  Before I buy one I need to make sure I have a yard set up (at least a lead line for it and a dog house if not my back yard fenced in) and some supplies.  And of course, my cat is king at my house so the dog would need to get along with cats.

I went grocery shopping over the weekend and found that I spend about $55 in non food items (cat supplies, house supplies, and hygienic supplies) and about $125 on food.  I was pretty happy about that.  I’m slowly building us back up with stock items for our pantry.  Hopefully our grocery bill will than drop down.   We have found it is cheaper for us to buy freezer bags and family portions of meat and then split the packages up into portion sizes. I always try to buy on sale items and keep a look out for coupons.  I am not the best at using them but I am getting better.

I’m actually going shopping today to buy a vacuum!  This will be awesome for my floors.  I also need to buy a mop.  I’ve been hand washing them but that gets old pretty quick.  I might just go to the dollar store or something to buy a mop though.   I don’t want to buy an expensive one—I just need to have clean floors.  That will be my house purchase (s) for this month!

It’s been a pretty weekend here.  I’m trying to convince my guy to go on a hike and picnic today as we have the food items and hiking is free.  I’m trying to find more free things to do as a couple that are fun.  Any ideas?  We play Scrabble and watch movies on Netflix but I need outdoor type themes.

That was my weekend.  I might go see a friend today but she’s pregnant and I’m working around that (she’s having labor induced this Wednesday).  How’d yours go?   

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