Next Few Weeks

Remember when I was so excited about having a three paycheck month?  Well, it turns out when you have two back to back (one was mine and the other was my guy’s) that it turns out you get a little to “ahead”.  I haven’t received any of our utility bills yet besides our cable bills and payday is today.    I was thinking about just logging in and seeing if our bills are on the websites but I have a feeling this “extra” might come in handy for us.  I paid the car insurance bill and I know how much the AT&T cable bill is and we have enough for those.  And it’s not that I don’t have the money for our utilities if they did come in right now.   I’m more concerned about our next two-week cycle.  

When my guy started the new job, I don’t know what his hours were at his old job (minus the fact that I know how much his vacation hours were) and whether he is getting paid from his new job yet.  I know I am and I know how much I am getting paid.  The concern comes with the fact that this next budget has an increased rent as we are paying the last of our pet deposit and we have to pay his dad back for the battery.  I’m fairly certain we will be fine with my estimates—I estimated really low for him and assumed the worse.  I looked ahead in my budgets and we’ll be paid before our utilities our actually due.   So this “extra” money is going to be used to fund our savings and also to keep as padding in case he doesn’t get paid from his new job. 

I’m not happy about doing this—I’d rather be paying off bills or debt or saving the money.  Okay, who am I kidding? I’d rather be spending the money but the financially responsible side of me knows better.  (I still hate that side of me but I know that it is a good side and it’s getting to be a bigger part of me)  I’m just a little worried that it might be a rough couple of weeks.  Or it could be a great one.  This is the problem with not knowing—he thinks he has the vacation hours and an extra 15 at the old job and we think he is getting paid at the new job.  But if any one of those is wrong, it could be a very rough, rough budget period. 

Ugh, I’m going to think happy thoughts for now.  Next week I’ll have my budget and go over January’s goals.  I’m still thinking about February’s goals—I don’t want to underestimate what I can do so I need to make sure I know what’s going on.


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