Justifiying to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse (The Smart Way)

When I purchase things I need to make sure that I’m going to get out my money’s worth out of them.   Obviously it’s something I should have done a lot sooner—if I had, I wouldn’t be in as much debt as I am.  I remember an $1100 couch that I really don’t feel as if I got my use out of it compared to what I paid for it.  There were also the numerous times that I would blow 1/3 of my paycheck at a bookstore—granted it was when I worked for a bookstore and received a nice discount.  But still—that’s a third of my paycheck that could have been saved or used to pay off debt.  The funny part about me buying those books or movies? I don’t own half of them anymore.  I gave some as gifts, some I sold, and some I donated.   I did keep my favorites—and those I read or watch constantly.  I haven’t stopped buying things I enjoy but I’m a lot choosier now.  Will I use the item until it falls apart? If so, then sure I will buy it—or at least save up for it. 

What am I getting at?  Well, not only do I have to justify things I want to buy but I also need to justify services I use.  I love Netflix and I love the gym—but these things do cost me around $50 a month combined that I could use elsewhere.  However, minus this last week or so, I use the gym at least 5 days a week.  That means I’m about $.67 a day-and the Y charges somewhere in-between $5 to $10 as a walk-in daily.  So all in all, I’m getting a great deal.

As for Netflix, I get a cross between streaming and 3 DVDs out at a time.  Using the great site (and no this is not a promotional thing, I just happen to really like it) FeedFliks,  I have found that I pay about $.09 a movie.  Which is definitely way less than renting at a video store or at a Redbox.  Granted, that means I probably watch too much TV but I know that I enjoy having background noise on while I read or clean.  And if I’m having trouble sleeping I can generally fall asleep to it.  But I also don’t have cable TV so I’m okay with paying for Netflix.

I’m pretty sure those are the only two services that I pay for.  The library was free and I don’t have a home phone.  We pay for a cell phone and internet but those are almost needs.  (I know they aren’t but still…)  And it is only one cell phone so that works for us—we’ve talked about getting a second one but I really can’t justify it yet.   And this is my smart way of avoiding buyer’s remorse.  I need to be able to justify the cost on a per day/item basis–and it has to be financially reasonable to me.

If you have Netflix, do you use that FeedFliks?  I love it and check it about 2 times a month…or sometimes more.


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