Ranting (again)

I had to spend $15 dollars today for a doctor’s appointment and may or may not have to spend more.  I paid for my medicine but they couldn’t tell me what I owed for the co-pay.   Turns out that the reason my cold hasn’t responded to any medicine is that it wasn’t a cold at all.  Some sort of infection in my lungs-and I’m not allowed to go to work tomorrow.  Instead I will be working from home.  So while it was good to get the chest decongestant and antibiotics, I still hate having to pay more money.

Then we decided that instead of that yummy Chinese that we were going to get to do fast food.  I wanted a bacon cheeseburger and my guy didn’t really feel like cooking.  It came out of our date money so I’m okay with that.  However, we didn’t eat until way later because the car decided to die on him in the Wal-Mart parking lot.    Wouldn’t work or anything at all.   He had to walk home and as he’s recovering from a cold that wasn’t that great—and he had to walk because he forgot the phone at home.  His dad came in and took him back up to the car—thankfully, it wasn’t the starter or the alternator (look at me talking about car things like I really know what I’m talking about).  Instead it was the battery.  And his dad bought the battery for us so that we could have it now and not have to wait for the weekend.   We’ll be able to pay him back once we get paid—it cost $85 dollars and that will have to be paid back ASAP.   I wish our emergency fund would have been more than $35 dollars—it would have come in handy.  This just reinforces my thoughts that this fund needs to be funded very quickly.  We are also going to be saving up for a new car again.  If we had had this fund going we could have pulled it from there.

I know that eventually we will be better off but I’d like for it to happen sooner rather than later. Remember how I said I’m not the most patient of people?  That’s a problem when you are in as much debt as I am—it takes awhile.  Well, it does when you were living from paycheck to paycheck anyways.  But that is going to be changing very soon.   We are going to be saving and paying off debt like crazy.  And I’m still adamant about not buying a “new car”—I want to buy a used but decent one with all cash.

Okay I’m done with the ranting.  As you can see, I updated my header—that’s a “bog” that is in a wilderness park near my house.  A friend of mine went hiking and we took that picture among others. I’m also now on facebook—come say hi!


2 Comments on “Ranting (again)”

  1. Love the new header pic! Sorry to hear about the battery but I’m glad dude’s dad was able to help out.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Thanks 🙂 And yeah–I just had to talk until I was blue in the face for him to accept the help. He wants to do everything on his own and doesn’t like the idea of accepting help.

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