Spending Recap (It’s bad)

Monday-$50 This was spent at Wal-Mart and covered prescription medication, some juice and some over the counter cold medicine. (Out of medical fund)

Tuesday- $10 for prescription (b) and $4 at Wal-Mart for a birthday card


Thursday-$40 for gas (b)

Friday-$16 at Wal-Mart.  This was for more over the counter cold medicine, for me this time.  It also bought me chap stick and a pad of paper and pens.

Saturday-my guy spent $4 on beer

Sunday- $15 at Wal-Mart.  This was for ice cream for me (chocolate heals all), some cough medicine, milk, and 2 hand sanitizer’s for work (for my guy and I).  He also bought some chicken wings—I guess he was hungry.  

I feel so bad.  Not only has my little cold gotten worse over the weekend, instead of getting better as it was supposed to, but I spent money I didn’t want to.  I did have one day where I didn’t spend a dime and as Thursday’s gas was budgeted for so I don’t feel bad about that.  And thankfully, I had a medical budget.  I now have to restart it but that is life.   I’m GOING to do better–and I capitalized it so that I would know that I meant it.  I didn’t even get to eat my yummy Chinese food–I’ve been to sick to want to eat it.

I do want to say a thank you to Andrea @ So Over Debt.  My little blog blew up over the weekend thanks to her linking to me. 

So how did your weekend go? Better than mine I hope! Good news though—I’m starting to be able to use my two broken fingers!


One Comment on “Spending Recap (It’s bad)”

  1. You’re welcome! I hope you got lots of new readers! 🙂

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