Things I Need to Do

So at work I have a rotating list of things I need to do.  I also have one for home.  Unfortunately, the home stuff has been put off as I’ve been so tired doing the two jobs that I come home and crash.  Thankfully after a week or so I shouldn’t be so tired.  This is because my guy started the job today.  So after I train him (which shouldn’t be too long) I will start to have a little more free time.    Well kind of, as I then have some projects to do that will make my life a lot easier at work.

But some projects that I’ve wanted to do at home are important too.  At least to me.  I want to go through my budget and rearrange some things.  That means that I’m going to have to start tracking my grocery bill in particular.  I have been (in the past) just saying that $200 will do for all my items that I purchase at Wal-Mart.  But I think that I can spend just that amount on food—at least until I get my standard items stocked again.  So I might be increasing that.  This next time I go shopping, I’m going to keep track more carefully than I have been.

I also really need to start a facebook for this blog.  I have started to a few times but I just get side tracked by reading other blogs or news articles. I’m really bad about that for some reason.  I always plan to do it on the weekends but then I’m either not at my house, or cleaning or just plain doing nothing.  And honestly, the doing nothing (besides reading or laying around watching movies/shows) has been great.  I like to see my friends too but lately the doing nothing much is great.

Something that I also need to be doing is things around my house.  I need to donate my clothes that have been sitting in a donation bag for 2 months now.   I then need to do a inventory my work clothes and see what I need to save to buy.   Some of my clothes are getting ratty due to constant wear and I know my guy will need some pants at the very least.

Then for my house itself, I still need to save some money up for some purchases.  We need blinds, curtains, a vacuum, storage containers or shelving units, a kitchen table, some area rugs, a desk and another bookshelf.  Then there are decorations (I have horrid white walls), some pans, some utensils, mixing bowls, and a few other tiny things.  These will not all be bought as new.  We are looking on Craig’s list, in some second hand shops and in the paper as well.  And again, as we are trying to get out of debt we will save up for these purchases and by them slowly over time.


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