Thoughts on the price I pay for the gym

I was at the gym the other day and helped a lady find the restrooms.  She started to ask me some questions about the Y and how I liked it.  I told her that I really enjoyed it and that the equipment I used was excellent.  When she came back through the locker room she started asking me questions about the memberships.  I am on a family plan and the plan costs $30 a month.  It includes anyone in your “family”—which we have three people signed up: my guy, his mom and myself.  I pay $20 for our share—even if I am the only one to use it out of the two of us, I don’t feel right having his mom pay for half.  When I informed the lady how much the family plan was she got the most incredulous look on her face.  Her next question was whether or not it was per year or month.  This made me gape at her.

Now, I’m not sure if it because I am not from around here but $30 a month doesn’t sound that high to me.   When I was living on the east coast, the cheapest I found a membership to be was around $60 a month for a person.  And I’m fairly certain that was a promo price.  I don’t remember looking at the Y’s out there for prices as I was only half heartedly looking at the time.  So I don’t know what the prices are around here as this was the closest gym besides the college gym and I wanted to join one so I went with it.   But it still doesn’t sound that bad to me.  That’s the only thing I keep coming back to.  I was going to do it when it was just my guy and me—so I’m not even thinking about the $20 I pay, I’m thinking about the whole price.  And I’m not one to spend a lot of money on myself.  Granted it took me awhile to actually decide on it and one of the things that swung me over was that they were going to work with me on the first payment (they normally take 2 months payment as the first one but they were going to just take the one—then my guy’s mom offered to split the cost with me).

But back to my story.  After the year or month question, she just shook her head and walked away.  I told her that they worked with people—and didn’t get much farther than that before she thanked me and walked away.  I’m not sure if it was a pride thing where she didn’t want financial help or if it was really just too expensive for her.

If you belong to a gym, how much do you pay a month? Am I correct in thinking that $30 a month isn’t that bad? (For the record, it is like $25 for a single person)


3 Comments on “Thoughts on the price I pay for the gym”

  1. AmazonV says:

    The gym at work is free, but tiny, they offer a discount at the Y for 30? 40? for a family I had belong to a gym nearby for 50$ but i quit because i wasn’t using it. if i had not been lazy and used it i would have been fine paying that.

  2. Jackie says:

    I don’t think $30 a month is high at all, especially not for more than one person. I pay that much just for myself. (And I haven’t been going, which isn’t good.)

  3. bogofdebt says:

    See I didn’t think so either. And when I’m not sick I definitely get my money’s worth.

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