Horrid Monday

Yesterday was horrible.  I ended up using my entire medical budget because my guy somehow sprained his back muscles.  Also, he doesn’t have insurance so we went to quick care who told him he had to go to the ER.  They wouldn’t look at him because they thought it was his appendix, gall bladder or kidney stones.  I don’t even want to think about that bill yet. Than after going to get his prescriptions, I was getting out of the car and the door closed on my hand.  I cannot really move two of the fingers but they are straight so I’m not too worried.  They are just swollen and icky looking/feeling.

That was my lovely day.  I am extremely thankful about having that medical fund as before this I would have had to make money appear magically.  And since money doesn’t really appear out of thin air (though it would be awesome if it did, wouldn’t it?) that would mean I would be taken it from some other area that needed it.  So that was the highlight of yesterday.  I’m hoping today goes by better and I’m trying to tell myself that everything works itself out in the end.  And of course patting myself on the back for that medical fund.  I just need to build it back up so that I can continue to get my teeth worked on and for other minor emergencies.  I also hope that the week goes better for me.


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