Spending Recap

Spending Recap

Wednesday:  $40 for dinner (this was taken from our coins and didn’t hurt our budget at all)

Thursday: nothing!

Friday: $90 (b) for Dentist

             $127 (b) groceries at Wal-Mart

             $25 for video rentals and a calendar for the guy’s desk (at ½ off) –we got about $4 back from the video place as a credit when we returned them the next day

Saturday: $10 at Wal-Mart for medicine (taken from medical fund)

Sunday: $155 for rest of groceries.  This was hard.  I had planned for $120 but we needed to buy some essentials I wasn’t aware of (trash bags, toilet paper and antifreeze) so we took the rest from our date money.  We decided that as we have $17 left for our date, we will go have some yummy Chinese some night and that the movies will be our date.

(b)=budgeted for

So I went over budget on the groceries but I also spent a lot on soups and things that I thought I would need.  I’ve actually bounced back quite quickly and have been able to eat some real food.  This means that we will not have to have soups on the grocery list for a while though.   From the Sunday trip we actually bought dinner and lunch type items.  We were okay with the total price all in all after we decided that we would have cheap and yummy Chinese food as our date.  (We can get 2 meals for a little under $10)  I also decided to buy 2 24 packs of soda—I have been drinking diet and drink usually 1 a day if that.  He drinks the regular stuff and will drink my diet if he runs out.  I’m trying to slowly wean us off this stuff—this will be some of the last I buy (hopefully). 

So that was my week’s spending.  I don’t care about the dinner on Wednesday.  That was when he and I turned in our coins that we had been saving for three months and we earned about $45!  We decided a nice meal would be great—something I could enjoy before the dentist appointment and that was the night I had to throw out our dinner as I had left it in the sink.


2 Comments on “Spending Recap”

  1. Kristin says:

    Necessities like trashbags and paper towels always sneak up on me, too! With only 2 of us in the house, they seem to last forever and it’s always a shock when we’re out. Life’s tricky like that, I guess.

    Glad you’re recovering so quickly, and that you made room for some fun this week! 🙂

    • bogofdebt says:

      Me too! And I’m glad I’m not the only person who trashbags just disapear on 😉 I swear we had a bunch and then we had none. Same for the toilet paper….

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