Sunday Morning Fun Ramblings

This post is going to be just a few things I’ve noted this weekend.

First thing: I sleep with my hand curled under my cheek.  This would not be a problem if I hadn’t just had my wisdom teeth removed.   It hurts a lot and makes mornings “fun”.   But the pain is mostly gone so yay to that!

Also, I updated my progress bar for my bank fund.  I’m excited about this.  I need to start figuring out which bank I will want to go with once I have this debt paid off.  I’m thinking the same one as my guy to make things easier but I still want to research it.  (I will love not having to pay $3 to cash my check every time!)

When I found out my guy got the job, one of the first things that popped into my mind was that I was going to get to play with my budget!  When his mom found out that he got the job, one of the first things she said was “You must be so excited to get to update your budget!”  Apparently my love of budgets is well-known.  I’m horrible at pay periods so I don’t really know exactly when  I will get to update it but I do know that his current job worked with him on when he could start at his new job.  So we are both really, really excited about the fact that we are going to get to start increasing our debt repayment savings and our savings in general.  One thing we need to buy him this time is khakis or jeans.  He has one pair of jeans that are not business casual–they have some wear on them and he has no khakis.  He does have a few nice black slacks to wear for Monday to Thursday though.  He thinks he’d rather have the khakis as he can wear those on Friday as well (in case I haven’t mentioned it, Friday is the one day we are allowed to wear jeans).

The other thing of note happened yesterday.  The dentist hadn’t prescribed me anything for pain but was thinking that Tylenol would do the trick.  I tried it for the day and it did not.  I called him Friday evening to let him know and on Saturday morning he called in a script for me to pick up.  When I went to pick it up, I turned in my insurance card as I haven’t picked up anything with insurance yet.  The clerk who helped me came back and said, “Well, that only took off $1.30. ” Now I know it might not be a whole lot for her, but every little bit I save helps us out.  When I gave my insurance cards I didn’t even know what it would take off, if anything.  And it keeps it on for future reference.  So I was  a bit taken aback about the clerk’s attitude–she acted like it was a horrible thing I did by giving her my insurance card.  But I decided I also didn’t care about her customer service skills.  I would be out of pain and at home soon enough!

How was your weekend? Any notable news?


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