Budget for this next two weeks

So I just got back from the dentist and Wal-Mart.  I’m too loopy to really think but I have some excellent news.  My guy got the job offer!!! So woot to that.  We don’t know exactly when he is going to be starting but it should be within the next two weeks.  Ideally he will start either on Monday or Wednesday.    

Moving onto my budget.  So these next two weeks are going to be weird.  I had to buy a bunch of groceries already just due to general needing of them and also due to that we didn’t have any soft food for me to eat after getting my teeth pulled.  

Category Estimated
Utilities 300
Personal/Date 150
Gas 60
Car Insurance 40
Phone 30
Payment 60
Groceries 200

Those are my necessary costs this time.  I then have some categories for my various savings accounts: our emergency fund, car fund, medical fund, house fund, baby shower/gift fund and our Valentine ’s Day fund. This doesn’t include our debt payment funds either (minus the payment—that’s to a student loan company I have had to split up between pay periods).  The $150 for our personal is split evenly three ways.  I’m really excited to see how much we can get to our savings this time.  The only part I’m dreading is the groceries.  I already had to do what amounted to a mini shopping session in order to get “meals” for the upcoming few days.  And my “groceries” aren’t strictly groceries.  Those include any house hold items (toilet paper, paper towels, etc) and personal hygiene items or cat items (kitty litter, food, etc) 

I am going to stop for the day as I can already see this as rambling post. 


One Comment on “Budget for this next two weeks”

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