I’ve been very drained doing the two jobs at one time (which you think would be easy as it is for the same company) and didn’t even get to the gym today.  Normally I go on my lunch break but my work out partner (and ride as I don’t have the car during the day) wasn’t able to go and I just didn’t feel like going to the crowded gym and waiting for the machines.  Which is a horrible, horrible excuse and I feel guilty for using it.  After we got home I found out that I forgot to put our chicken into the fridge.  I had pulled it out this morning and put it in the sink to defrost for a little bit before work.  So that was money I just threw out because of my lack of thinking. 

I honestly can’t wait until they find my replacement.  It wouldn’t be so bad if both jobs didn’t tend to blow up at the same time but that’s what they did.  So this past week I’ve been going from problem to problem to problem.  Thankfully I’m awesome (and humble 😉 ) and have been able to deal with it fairly well.  I think if I was getting paid for both jobs it would be a bit different but I’m only getting paid to do the one.  Luckily, they’ve started interviewing and should know by Friday who they are going to hire.  (My guy did get an interview and it seemed to go well so cross your fingers!)

So I apologize about my lack luster post today but I promise that on Friday (which will be later in the day) I will post my budget for serious this time!


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