Wisdom teeth getting pulled soon

This Friday I am going to get the last three of my wisdom teeth pulled.  I’ve saved up the money for it and will be paying for it up front, which I’m very proud of.  Thankfully I don’t have to get surgery done—they just need to be popped out.  I already had one pulled and learned my lesson from it.  I will not be going back to work that day and since I am having it done on Friday, will not be going back to work that day. That was a rough two days when I had the first one pulled.  Instead, I had my guy take Friday off to drive me to the store afterwards (I will need to get soup and whatever prescriptions they give me) and then I’m coming home to sleep. 

To prepare for my dentist appointment, I had them run a preapproval with my insurance company.  I wanted to make sure that there would be no surprises when I went in.  I’ve heard too many horror stories from where the person thinks everything should be fine and then has to pay more.   And since I’m doing this all with cash, I really don’t want a bad surprise—a good surprise being “hey you owe less than we thought you would!”.   After getting the notice in the mail, I then called up to the insurance office to double-check that everything was good to go.  Now, I might be a tad overzealous in my approach but I’m okay with that. 

My health insurance through work isn’t bad, at least compared to past insurance I’ve had.  I get dental when I sign up for medical at no added cost and the vision plan was for only a few dollars more.  And I like how my company is doing things with their medical insurance.  We get a discount for going into the doctors once a year and having a wellness exam done.  Oh and that wellness exam is 100% covered by the insurance.  So being healthy is helping me save money.  Which I am all for (hence this blog).  Besides this, they also had the company give a lecture on the small changes that went into effect.  This was something I really enjoyed as I’m paying money (pre-tax, can’t beat that) from my paycheck each period and some of it was foreign to me.  But after the little lecture, I feel much more comfortable with my benefits and what they actually do. 

So to wrap up my little post for today: my advice before a doctors or dentist appointment would be to get it preapproved if you know it is going to be more than a checkup.  And you can always call the insurance company itself to double-check that the preapproval went through or if there will be any other surprises.   Do you have any suggestions?


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