I found money! But spent it 5 minutest later…

Yesterday I found $20 in my old stained winter jacket.  Remember how I had a list of things I needed to get but was going to wait on?  Well a new winter jacket was on that list and I’m really glad I waited.  My guy’s mom happened to have a new one that didn’t feel exactly right on her last year and so when she was going through her closet this year to clear out things, she found it again.   She thought of me and brought it to work.  Sure enough it fit me perfectly.  So when I was going through the pockets of my old jacket, I found the $20.

Unfortunately most of it has already been spent.  We found out my cat had worms—which were from the fleas we treated him for a week or so ago.  And the only reason he had fleas was because of the new house—apparently the local cats like to use the front porch as a meeting place for their feline deeds.  So off to the vet we went to get some worm medication.  It only cost $14 but we need to pick up milk and a few items for dinner tonight as well.

I don’t mind spending the money on my little guy.  He’s part of the family and depends on us to take care of him.  So even though we were going to split that money between savings, I spent it gladly on him.

Other than that my weekend has proved to be uneventful.  I went to the baby shower and had a good time seeing a person I hadn’t seen since I went to my new place of employment.  I was also proud that the money I had budgeted aside for the baby shower gift was plenty—including the gift bag, card and paper.  I didn’t go over my budget and managed to get my friend a great baby shower gift.  I also have some ideas for the baby shower that my guy’s mom and I are planning for her daughter.

So score one for sticking to a budget for a gift and finding money.  Even if it did get spent five minutes later, it was still money I found.


2 Comments on “I found money! But spent it 5 minutest later…”

  1. Kristin says:

    There’s nothing better than finding money 🙂

    How do you add that nifty “Bank Fund” thingy to your side bar? I would like to add some to my page as well

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