Writers block

Apparently I have writers block for today.  I’m not sure if it’s due to tiredness or what.  I know that I’ve been extremely tired the last few weeks—ever since I took my new job.  This is because until they get someone to take over my old job, I am doing that as well.  I’m not getting paid to do it per se as I am now salaried and it doesn’t really matter how many hours I put into my work day.  And as far as I know they haven’t even scheduled an interview.  I know this as my old boss told me he’d give my guy a call to come in and also because he (my old boss) isn’t in this week.  But ugh.  The end of the month is hard due to a few things that need to happen in both of the jobs and I get to do both.  It’s not that I can’t do it and I need to be careful to not complain too much as I can do it but still. It makes for a very tired blogger.

I was trying to get a week’s worth of blogs done ahead of time but unfortunately I did not. So I’ve been at least trying to schedule a blog the night before.  Normally it is fairly easy but tonight I keep thinking about sleeping and a snack.  Mostly in that order too, ha!  But I do have some ideas for the next few posts.   Sadly I just could not get them to work on the screen today.  But I am sure that this will go away soon enough.

So I will stop this before it turns into a mindless babbling post.  (I’m sure that you are currently thanking me for this thoughtful act, aren’t you?)  What do you do when you have writers block?


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