Washer and Dryer (read: WOOO!!)

So we scrimped and saved and managed to hit the magical $300 mark for a washer and dryer.  Granted it is used and repaired but it is still mine.  But this way we can do laundry during the week and every week.  I’m excited—this is my very own (that I have to share with my guy of course) first washer and dryer.  Now some of you might be asking me how buying a washer and dryer (however used/discounted) fits into my newly turned over leaf of saving and paying off debt.

Well, it lets me do my laundry every week and not have to wait.  I will not be spending $20 every two weeks to do said laundry.  And I saved up for this purchase specially.  I hate going to the laundry mat.   I really do.  I hate waiting and I hate having to spend money that could be getting used to save or pay off debt.  So therefore to me, this is helping me achieve our goals.   I’m happy with my decision.

Total Cost:

Washer and dryer (a matching set too): $270 and the guy threw in the washer hoses for free

Truck use: paid our friend $20 to drive out with us (in a different town close by) and help put them in our house

Plumbers Tape and vent kit for dryer: $10

So all in all, I don’t think it was a bad purchase.  The gentleman we purchased the washer and dryer for has a 30 day guarantee so that really helped sway us.  We also spent $15 on a utility shelf unit—something for our house that we needed and it goes right between our washer and dryer (holds all of laundry soap, bleach and dryer sheets).   So that was our big purchase for our house (well, the first one anyways).


2 Comments on “Washer and Dryer (read: WOOO!!)”

  1. Kristin says:

    When you think about it, you would only have to do laundry 15 times to equal the cost of your new washer and dryer. Hopefully, your new machines will last much much longer than that and pay themseves off many times over!

    Now that I’ve had laundry in-house for 2 years, I can’t imagine ever having to go back to dragging my laundry off somewhere and sitting with it for hours!

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