December’s Goals Revisited

1)      Drop 5 pounds—I managed to drop 1 pound. Wow I fail.

2)      Christmas shopping -done by weekend of the 16th

3)      To buy silverware and a few other house essentials that we need—we bought them!

4)      Car fund: $200—this was changed to W/D Fund so it was a fail.  (But our W/D fund is now at $300)

5)      Medical fund: Goal: $100 — actually: $120!

6)      Bank Fund: Goal: $35 –actually: $160!!!! (This is super amazing!)

7)      $500 fund—restart if need or get up to $200—this hasn’t been thrown out, but we just put it off for a bit.

                So with our W/D fund now at $300, we are going to go and see if we can buy them this weekend.  This will be perfect as we have a ton of laundry to do (I do hate only washing clothes every two weeks) and I’d rather do it in our house.  So yay for us! 

                I’m excited about the bank fund growing at this steady pace.  It means that I am 42.7% of the way there!  It also means that I should be able to have a bank by the end of February as long as things go well.  I have to now start researching which bank I want to use.  I’m considering the one my guy uses, it seems fairly simple and it is easy to get to.

                I’m also very happy with the way my medical fund is growing.  The wisdom tooth extraction itself should be around $95 and this means that I will have a little extra in order for any scripts they need to give me.  Plus I will have one more pay day before it gets done…actually it will be on the day that I get them pulled.  And the excess after that (if there is any) will go to the next dental work I need to do.  (It’s great to have insurance again but all the little things I kept pushing off now need to be done)We decided to wait on my guy’s vision test as he doesn’t need one for a bit longer and if he does get the job, he’ll have insurance after 90 days.    

                Now I did think about some 2012 goals and I’m pretty sure I have them narrowed down.  I will have those posted tomorrow! (I’m even going to write the post now so I don’t forget!)


2 Comments on “December’s Goals Revisited”

  1. $95 is a good deal for a wisdom tooth extraction. I assume yours just needs to be pulled and there won’t be surgery involved. My daughter just have 3 impacted ones removed to the tune of $1900.

    • bogofdebt says:

      Yikes. That price made me cringe. I got lucky–they just needed to pulled at a dentist’s office. My mouth just didn’t have enough room. Hope your daughter’s extraction went well.

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