More Goals

Some good news: talked to my current boss and he told the HR lady to give my guy a call.  The interviews won’t be set up for a week or so, so I’m not sure when exactly he will get a call.  But cross your fingers!

Other than that, I need to set up two funds.  My guy’s sister is having a baby so his mom and I are going to throw her a baby shower.  So we need a baby shower fund and a baby gift fund.

Baby shower fund by end of January: $50 (I have until March)

Baby gift: $25 by end of January

Other than that, I’m trying to come up with some good concrete goals for my New Year’s resolutions.  I know that I would like to pay off 3 of our debts before this time next year.  And I’d like to lose those 20 pounds.  So I guess I have the goals started.  I just need to get them more in detail and I have one or two others to think about.


Are you thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? 



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