January Goals

It is so hard trying to come up with goals when part of January I have no idea how much I will be making.  I guess it doesn’t really matter as we are just going to try to stay on with our previous budget.  So…here goes:

Efund–I would like to get this up to $100 (starting out again). Current: $20

House fund–either by the end of January we will have bought $50 worth of things to make our house better or have $50 in this fund.

Car Fund–$50.  Right now, what used to be our car fund is our washer/dryer fund.  We should be able to buy that around mid January at the latest, so I would love to be able to get started on our new car fund.

Medical Fund–$30.  This does currently have $100 in it but I am planning on using that mid January for my wisdom teeth extraction.

Bank Fund-$200 by January’s end.  This will be a stretch but I really want that new bank account soon.

Medical Debt fund–( a new fund for old medical bills) $50 .

Vacation Fund–$50

Valentine Day Fund–$50

There you have it.   Those are my goals.  I’m hoping that I can get them accomplished (some of them are going to be hard to do but I feel that the struggle will make me feel better).    It’s so hard to start all over again after we just wiped out all of our money savings.  Which might be why I made some of them ambitious.


2 Comments on “January Goals”

  1. Kristin says:

    I started a new job a few months ago and got a decent salary increase. I did exactly what you’re doing – I left my budget for expenses exactly the same, and increased only my savings/debt repayment. Congratulations on your coming job! It will feel great to be able to fund some more of your savings goals!

    • bogofdebt says:

      That’s what I’m hoping for–just a chance to get a head! I think we will be more likely to if we act as if nothing has changed. Thankfully, my guy feels the same. Congrats on your new job (even if it is a bit late 😉 )

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