I need to get better at writing my posts the night before.  Especially as I’m training for that new job and would normally just do it during some downtime during the day–well, right now I don’t have too much downtime.  So today’s is short and sweet.

The guy still hasn’t heard from my current boss–who’s not in today.  So I’m hoping that he gets a call tomorrow. It would be wonderful-both for us and for him personally.  He needs  to get away from his current job mainly due to the high stress.  Which would be fine if they paid accordingly.  He is currently making 8.75 an hour–and that’s a quarter away from being the max that he can make there.  Just by taking over my current job, he’d be getting  a $1.25 raise.  And he would be able to get benefits after the first 90 days.  So yes, when I say it would be amazing–it really would.   All I can do is ask my current boss to give him an interview (which on Thursday of last week, he did say that he would get him in here for one of those) and the rest is on him.  But I wouldn’t have recommended him if I didn’t think he could do it.  I have worked with him before at his current job.  So keep sending good vibes our way!

Our house is mostly unpacked! YAY!!!! Okay, there are two rooms that we need to take care.  One is the “office” that we don’t have a desk or third bookshelf  (we read a lot) and that would complete that room.  The other is just some boxes that need to be taken away.

So that was my random ramblings for today.  I’m going to update what my January goals will be either tomorrow or Thursday as I have a good idea on what we are going to do.  On Friday, you will get to learn how (bad) I did on my December goals.  Are you thinking of your January goals?


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