Post Christmas Musings

Well, I can now check two things off that list of new house things I want/need.  For the White Elephant gift exchange, my guy got the rug we wanted/needed for our kitchen.  Instead of keeping it, after the gift exchanging was done, we traded it to his mom for a smaller carpet that is perfect for out kitchen (the one he won matched her bedroom amazingly but wouldn’t have gone the greatest in our place) and for two smaller area rugs that his grandma had made.  I won a brand new set of towels with a wicker basket–which is awesome as we wanted new towels and I wanted a basket for the bathroom.  We were both really happy.

I also am going to get to plan a baby shower for his sister.  I’m extremely excited.  I told her to let me know when she finds out the gender and to also let me know where she is registering.

Other than that, I get my last check for December on Friday.  I will be updating my goals then.  I’m excited for it.  I know that I didn’t really get all of them done that I wanted to but I got a few!  I’m not sure how to do January’s goals as I know that for part of it I will be getting the same amount of pay as I do now.  So I believe that what I’m going to do is make my budget and goals as I normally would.  Come February I  will make changes as needed.  As said previously, we are going to try to save more and pay down debt.  If my guy gets my current job (which would be awesome so have some happy thoughts for him) we might revisit our misc. money budget but as of right now. we are going to mostly stay the same.  We think the most we might do is bump up our grocery budget by $50–we include small house items in this budget and are still having to buy some things food wise that are normally stocked.

How was your Christmas/holidays?  Did you stay in you gift budget? (We went over by $50 but took that $50 out of our house fund as our White Elephant gift that we first bought was than changed into a house item)


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