Some Link Love and Randomness

Today’s post is a bit late as I’ve been home since 12.  I got the really nice gift of getting to leave at lunch–which I did feel a little guilty over as the rest of my current department has to stay (or did when I left).  But my soon to be new boss, got permission to send me home and still get paid for it.  Then I had to wait on AT&T to come by.  (Read about the situation up to now here, here and here)  But I now have internet! Oh and I only had the one phone jack in the house.  They had to install a new one for us.  Which will cost us some money but not sure the exact amount now.


Posts I really loved this week:

Are We Defined by Our Mistakes? by Andrea @ So Over Debt–I loved this post.  As I’ve stated, Andrea an awesome writer and this is a must read!

If you’re not failing, are you really trying?   @ Give Me Back My Five Bucks–something I always forget whenever I fail.  At least I’m trying–and I can’t succeed by my standards if I don’t try.

5 Ways to Get Through College Without Debt (and a Scholarship Offer) @Frugal Dad–some great tips in here.

I’m Gonna Be A Daddy!!! by J$ @ Budgets are Sexy–something great around the holidays! (the name says it all)




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