Wow, AT&T and I are just going in circles.  I really enjoyed their customer service after this incident and this resolution.  Then, they changed the service activation date 3 separate times.  The final one said that it would be turned on after the 20th.  So here it is the 22nd and no internet.  We tried calling after 8 pm on the 20th—following instructions on the final letter.  It was closed.  So we try calling yesterday at 5 pm-closed.  I’m mildly frustrated by this point.  I direct dial the web support and get an awesome lady who transfers me to the wrong zone’s 24 hour hot line for tech support.  (I’m not being sarcastic about her being awesome; she was very, very helpful and transferred me to the wrong one by mistake)  The lady at this zone got me connected to the correct zone’s 24 hour hot line. 

                This is where the issues started again.  I will not mention names but will explain what happened.  I tell her that we had opened the latest activation date and tried calling the other day but the point is that we still do not have internet available to us.  She checks the lines and other stuff—we should be good to go.  This is where it started to go south.  She informs me that they only turn on one phone jack and I need to make sure that the DSL line is plugged into the correct one.  I tell her that we only have one phone jack in the entire house.  She starts to ask me over and over again if I’m sure about this.  After the 5th time, I tell her, “Look, it’s a small house; we just moved it and cleaned it from top to bottom.  I’ve looked while on the phone with you—that’s how small this house is.  We only have the one phone jack.”  I’m told again to double-check.  This made me a bit testier.  Finally she tells me that they will send a guy out on Friday who will check the outside lines to see if something is wrong.  However, “when…er… if” nothing is found to be wrong with the outside lines (and I’m serious she said “when” and quickly corrected it to “if”) that he would need to come inside.  I give her two separate numbers to reach my guy at so that he can run over there if needed.  She than tells me that if the guy has to go in the house and he does find a second jack that we can be charged for this service.  I tell her once more that while I understand that, there is no other jack.  She says “okay but if there is, you can be charged $110 and it will go on your next bill.”

                So we’ll see what happens tomorrow.


4 Comments on “AT&T….Again”

  1. Kristin says:

    Cable companies are the WORST! I’ve been fighting with Comcast for months – they sent collections after me over a bill that I paid in September, and now they can’t seem to undo their mistake. Ugh!

    • bogofdebt says:

      Good luck with that. I hope you get that fixed–if it isn’t try calling one of the 3 credit companies (especially if they sent it as a collection), they may be able to help out.

  2. […] are really making me upset.  First we had this issue, and then this issue.  Now we have the issue of our bill.  We cannot log into view our bill online because for some […]

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