Warning: Splurge Ahead!

               So I’m not going to lie.  I’m going to splurge this next coming pay period.  This is not due to the promotion.  Instead, it’s due to the bump in pay I should be getting due to overtime from my trip.   This has been planned ahead of time but I cannot lie to you guys.  (After all, I started a blog to be accountable not to further lie to myself or hide it). What am I going to splurge on?  Well, simple stuff really.

                First thing: a vacuum.  Right now, we are borrowing a shark, which is a wonderful product.   But it does lack a few things a normal vacuum does.  So we went down to Wal-Mart and priced some out.  We want a cheaper but functional vacuum—and we also have to think about the cat hair our delightful kitty sheds.  We think we can get one for about $50—still an awful lot.

                Second thing: something in the clothes department for my guy and myself.  He is still wearing cargo shorts as his one decent pair has broken (well, he does have a very nice set of black pants but those are a bit more dressy than his work requires and he’d rather wait to wear those) and he hates the jeans he has.  I know what he is getting for Christmas (and by this I mean what he is getting from his Secret Santa) and so I am thinking we can buy a nice pair of jeans or khakis to help supplement his wardrobe.    As for me, I’m just thinking a nice wintry dress/skirt or top.  I might go crazy and get both if I can afford it.  The limit on this is probably $75 at the most.

                I’d also love to put more money into my paying down the bank fund.  I do know that I should put the money in there instead, but I’m on a great roll with my “payments” as of now and we could really use all three of those things. And this upcoming paycheck is where I am going to be able to start saving a lot more (comparatively) as long as things work out.  We do need to pay his sister $40 as we are probably not going to be able to give her the money on Christmas as we need to buy some printer ink and a few other necessities. (This wouldn’t be a necessity except he’s applying for my job) Are they necessary? Not really but they are wanted and I will not be pulling money aside from other things in order to get them.   The vacuum is a planned purchase but would have been put off for another pay period or two after this upcoming one.

                I don’t feel that guilty.  Yes I’m trying to get out of debt—but as I will still be saving money for an e-fund and will also be saving to pay off debt, I cannot really feel that guilty.  (Okay this is me I am talking about—I do feel some guilt but I’ve talked it over with myself and my guy and feel alright about it) Actually something that makes me feel guilty is that this pay period, we will not be able to put any money towards our e-fund this time.  (Well, actually, I might be able to swing, um $10.  Not a lot but better than nothing.  It depends on our gas situation. )

                So that’s what I’m doing this next pay period.  I’m going to splurge and try very hard to not feel guilty about it.  How do you handle your splurges?

p.s. one of these days I will start putting images on here….I really need to get better at that!


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