Awesome news

     Okay, not as good as J$’s news (go see that here but exciting for me!)    Sorry this is late!

       Remember the other day when I made mention of I might get a new job soon? Um well yeah…I GOT IT! I am so excited.  The funny thing is that my guy made mention of it this morning, but I brushed it aside.  I’d been trying so hard not to get excited about it so that if I didn’t get it, I wouldn’t be disappointed.  Well, I did that a little too well.  Than this morning, I’m at my desk thinking “I haven’t heard anything back about that job.  Should I ask? Well, nah, they said Tuesday and it’s still early yet.”  By the way, I know myself enough to know that I probably would never have said a word about it.

                But it doesn’t matter—I got the job.  I’m excited and oh so happy.   It means good changes.  Not sure exactly yet—and I have put in my guys name for my job as I do think he’d be great at it.  So that would be even cooler.  But we are going to try to not increase expenses by that much—we want to save and pay off debt.  I can’t say we won’t splurge a little bit but we are not going to be insane. 

                I’ve already started training and will be taking officially starting on the 3rd!!! So excited.

                The only thing that sucks is that now my guy isn’t getting the vacation time (which he can use to bump up his hours to reach 40) until the 3rd due to someone messing up at his work place.  I wish his day wasn’t so awful because I feel minorley guilty over the fact that I’m happy.

                 Oh and it’s extremely sad that I will be making more than my guy and I make combined.  (Well, estimated anyways, I’ll know the exact figures later on of course) I will be updating you all on our budget’s and finances.


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