Christmas Memories

    So after all that talk about the three-month paycheck, guess what? I completely forgot I have one more paycheck to go.  So I’ll wait until after that last paycheck to go over my (mostly failed) goals!  Instead, I wanted to talk about something that has nothing to do with my current finances but is about the magic of Christmas.

     When I was little, (and no short jokes!) under the age of 12 I do believe, my family of five was really struggling to make ends meet.  To the point of we had barely any food, very little in the way of warm clothes (and I lived in a climate that needed those clothes for the winter months) and no money for toys (not important I know but I was also young).  My parents didn’t let on too much but I remember my mom talking about how she wanted to let us kids know that she didn’t know if Santa would be able to make it.  I don’t remember the exact reason she used but I knew the real reason and just kept quiet as my youngest brother still believed.   We went on Christmas day to go visit some family in the area but when we got back, Santa had come and visited us. 

      He left us a note saying he was sorry he hadn’t been able to get to our house sooner, but it was an awfully big package and slowed his reindeer down.  In this package, we found food, warm clothes and even a toy each for us three kids.   It was one of the better Christmas memories I have.  I “know” that it wasn’t “Santa” but the community we lived in that reached out to help one of its own.  But you know what? I believed very strongly that day and every Christmas season since then, that magic comes back.  

      I always try to donate some change to the Salvation Army or any food or clothes that I have that is not wanted by me.   Some years are harder than others.  This year, I have donated several handfuls of change/dollars and some very nice clothes (or will be—these are still at my house as I’m going through all of my clothes) that just no longer fit me or are not my style.  I always remember that people gave to me and I want to give back.  So that’s my Christmas memory of the day. 

      Do you have any Christmas memories that come back every year?


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