Done Traveling for Now

               So I’m nervous.  I just had an interview within the company that would be really, really awesome if I got it.   It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get it as I do love my current job.  But it would vastly improve financial wise and perk wise.   I don’t know how I did on the interview but I’m all nervous.  Without going into too much detail, there is one area that I don’t have a lot of experience in but I don’t think it would be a problem—I’m a fast learner and I tried to let them know that as well.   That being said, they let me know that I should know by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  Please send me some wishes—oh and make them good wishes ;).

                Remember that AT&T issue? I am pleased to say that the modem is on its way.  I could not ask for better customer service.  Thanks AT&T!

                Now, on to something that made me laugh– 10 ways to make sure no one reads your blog by So Over Debt.  It’s an excellent article and some great tips.  Make sure you read it!

                I promise I will have some better posts—the last few days were a bit hectic as I was traveling and just wasn’t as prepared as I wanted it to be.   I defiantly feel like a bad blogger at this moment. 


2 Comments on “Done Traveling for Now”

  1. […] and I are just going in circles.  I really enjoyed their customer service after this incident and this resolution.  Then, they changed the service activation date 3 separate times.  The final one said that it […]

  2. […] for it.  Then I had to wait on AT&T to come by.  (Read about the situation up to now here, here and here)  But I now have internet! Oh and I only had the one phone jack in the house.  They had […]

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