Internet Issues

               As I said yesterday, the guy was going to be calling around for internet options.  Well, we have a friend who has AT&T and really likes it.  So he called them up and tried to see what kind of deals they had.  The first lady he spoke with told him that he had to pay $36 up front but the modem (a little over a $100) would have to be paid for on the first bill (February) unless we wanted to go buy our own.  She told him that it would be in our best interests to go buy one ourselves but we could always call back up and let them know that we would need one.   So he went browsing and just kept finding the same price—so he called them up and let them know that he’d really just like to buy the modem through them and pay for it on our bill.  Well, turns out that this was not allowed.  Due to his credit, he would have to pay up front.  After talking to two different people about it (he called back just to make sure) we decided to cancel it and try a different company.   So, after he picked me up at work, he tried to cancel it, only to be placed on hold a few times and then finally he was told that the cancellation office is only open until 5pm.   

                He called up this morning and actually was able to speak to a supervisor.  He went over the story again and she told him that she didn’t really want to lose a customer when everything that happened was due to a mistake by the first person he spoke with.   Apparently, we shouldn’t have even been able to sign up for the service without paying both the $36 fee and for the modem.  She put him on hold for a little bit and then came back with the offer that as soon as his account goes into effect (which I think is on the 15th or so) that she would send us out the modem free of charge.  (This was actually the clincher as we had found a service that would give us a free modem and free installation—it was a bit cheaper for a few months but would then be more expensive than AT&T)

                The point I’m making is to always call back and ask.  Yes, we understand that it was a mistake and would have just waited on internet for a bit but we were a bit frustrated as we were told one thing and in all actuality what we were told was completely wrong.  So I have nothing but kind thoughts in my head for that supervisor of AT&T.   This is the kind of customer service I appreciate.  Yes mistakes are easy to make but it’s the fixing of them that shows the kind of company you are dealing with.  

                I will keep you updated on how this turns out. 

                How about you? Any stories of customer service satisfaction or dissatisfaction?


4 Comments on “Internet Issues”

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