So apparently neither of us are very good listeners.  We both thought the White Elephant gift was to be $50 each—apparently it was to be $30 (at the most) each.  So now we have to find two smaller gifts at $25 each.  The bedding we are going to use for our “house purchase” at this time.  We planned on getting a vacuum but that will have to wait another month—the money we did have saved for this has to buy one of our White Elephant gifts, if not both.  He’s going to go looking today—I told him as we both want some trays for when we eat in the living room (no kitchen table yet) that would be my White Elephant gift.  He’s going to look for something nice but cheap.  I told him that ideally if we could not spend more than $35 for both White Elephant gifts that would make me happy. 

          I got most of my Secret Santa gift bought this weekend.  It was strangely hard to do—I thought it would be easier than it was as the person I’m buying for is an artist.  Apparently when you are a non artist like me, picking out art supplies is hard to do.   So I bought him one tiny art thing, and then went to the store where I found some items of the college team he likes.  So that’s mostly taken care of—I still have to buy his big gift item but I already have that picked out—just waiting to buy it when I have money on my card.  I might actually have to have my guy buy it as I don’t want to wait too long to buy it.  It is getting close to Christmas after all.

            Other than that, we were both really happy to see that we are getting some savings already by moving back to town.  We were budgeting $80 in gas—sometimes that was enough for the two-week period, sometimes we had to scrimp by or use some of the misc. money.  This week, we barely used it.  On last Friday, we were only a little under half of a tank.  For us, Fridays were meaning we NEEDED to fill up.  So we’ve talked about it and after this pay period, we are going to budget $60 a pay period.    We are going to use this pay period as a gauge.  We will budget the $80 and then see how we do.  We’ve already decided that any “left over” money will be going into the new car fund.  Even though we are saving up for a washer/dryer at this point, I think that we will continue to do this.  That way if we have a bit of driving to do one period, we’ll be able to take it from that fund without feeling too guilty.  

              We are looking into (and by ‘we’ I mean I looked it up and he’s going to the company) internet services today—we can’t afford to have installation right now but I looked at a promotion that said “free installation” and the only thing we would have to buy is the modem.  This won’t be a problem if we can buy the modem when the bill is due.  So we will see.  

                Did you get Christmas shopping done? Am I a slow poke?


One Comment on “Whoops!”

  1. Kristin says:

    My Christmas shopping is done (except for one gift card I have to pick up), but that’s unusual for me! Now, if I can just get the wrapping done before Christmas Eve, I’ll be in good shape 🙂

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