Weekend Plans (our first in the new place!)

          Okay maybe not our first one, but our first real one.  Sure I was in the new place all last weekend, but we didn’t offically move there until Sunday.   Well, I’m hoping to get the house cleaned up—we need to return the vacuum cleaner we borrowed and a few other things, so I’m hopeful that we will clean everything up before we go out to his parents’ house on Sunday.    This means getting more things unpacked and moved around.  You’d think this would be easy with the tiny place we have, but for some reason it is still hard.  I think that’s mostly due to having a lack of storage place and that we work, so most things have a few hours to get done.  We aren’t (read: can’t) just going to go out and buy a bunch of shelving/storage units—we want to but the responsible thing would be to slowly accumulate these items.   So far we decided we need something in the bathroom, something in the office, and something in the back room.   We also need a desk.  As we aren’t using a computer right now, the desk is low in our priority list.

                We are going to go do our laundry tonight.  We need to do it and as of right now, we are going to have to do it once every two weeks.  I normally like to do it once a week but when we have to go to the laundry mat, we need to balance our time as well.   He doesn’t really like to leave it and I generally just follow along.  If it was just me, I can normally time it and just leave and get things done.  I’ve found that I really dislike not being able to multitask while I’m waiting on the laundry.  But whatever, I’m able to bend when we’re doing it together—that’s the compromise I made with him.  I’ll stay and sit there as long as he’s with me but if it is just me doing it, I will leave it and come back. 

                On Saturday, I’m unpacking and cleaning. And probably heading to the post office to get some stamps for our Chirstmas cards. He’s going to seal the windows in the back room to make it more air tight.   It’s really Sunday that I’m looking forward to.  My guy is going to his parents to watch football but his mom and I are going to go watch a movie we have both wanted to see.  So I’m excited over that and have been saving my money up for it.  My guy told me that I can offer to pay for us (we want to hit the matinée so it will be cheaper) and I’m hoping she takes me up on the offer.    But at least I can make the offer even if she doesn’t accept it. And maybe even get some Christmas shopping done.  I’ll admit I’ve been falling behind on this.  Part of it is, if we don’t get internet, my gift to the guy is kind of useless. (It’s a Xbox Live Gold Membership for a year)  I might still get it as we want to have internet in January.   And I’m thinking about a hat or something else.  I don’t know exactly what yet.

                What do you have planned for your weekend? Is a spendy one or spendless?


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