Three Paycheck Month Times Two!

            So we have been able to save a whopping $20.  I know it’s not a lot—but I also know that it’s better than zero.  And who knows, we might be able to save a bit more after next week. I try to keep some “extra” money as a just in case—we need more gas, more milk or something along those lines.   So I’m trying to console myself with the knowledge that we have to start somewhere.   I’m actually hoping that we can get the internet by January—it’s no guarantee of course but it would be nice to actually have something to do.  We’re going to look at next pay period’s budget and move on from there.

           Speaking of the next pay period budget, two things have come to mind.  First is: we desperately need a microwave.  Ours kind of doesn’t work.  It stopped spinning unless you can get the plate in the exact location needed—and then will normally just stop after 2 spins anyway.  Not such a big deal except that it is very hard to heat something up in it.  We tried for 5 minutes yesterday to heat up our leftovers, thought we had it all nice and warm—nope not at all.  We ended up just putting it on the stove and using that to warm it up.    So we decided that after we buy a washer and dryer, we’re saving up for one of those.  Granted, we are also saving up for a house purchase besides the washer and dryer (we haven’t really saved up anything as of yet but are going to start to!) but we can use the stove for now and we both would really like a vacuum.

          The second thing is that we have both have a three check month coming up.  Mine is in December and his is in January.  I’m kind of weird as I like to just continue on planning as if it is a normal pay period—I just continue to divvy up the money in the categories.  It lets us save a bit more and helps us to “get ahead”.   I know a lot of people just take the extra pay check and save it or spend it.  But for us it makes a bit more sense to continue on as normal.

 What do you do with a three paycheck period? Do you continue on as normal or do you view it as extra money to spend or save as you please?


7 Comments on “Three Paycheck Month Times Two!”

  1. Kristin says:

    I have 2 months a year that I get 3 paychecks. It’s the best! I guess I sort of do a combo – I take out what I’ll need for food and gas, but then put everything else directly in to savings as my rent/utilities/etc have already been covered for the month.

  2. The 3-paycheck months never really worked out for me because of the way I pay my bills. Instead of a concrete “March 1-March 31” system, mine is rolling based on what pay period bills are due. So even if I get a third paycheck on the 29th of the month, I’m still going to need it to pay the bills due at the beginning of the next month. Either that or wait for my next paycheck and pay things late.

    Come to think of it, that’s why my budgets are always wonky, too – I just pay everything when it’s due instead of on payday, so even if something hasn’t come out by the end of the month, I know it’s going to.

  3. Kimi says:

    I more or less continue as normal, but i’m able to breathe a little. I am trying to dig out of a credit crisis and could start paying on one of the two mammoth mountains I have to climb. I get 5 checks in December and can use it to buy gifts, bake and do other holiday things. 🙂

  4. […] when I was so excited about having a three paycheck month?  Well, it turns out when you have two back to back (one was mine and the other was my guy’s) […]

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